Kickboxing in Tribeca

Fitness, Self Protection, Self Discipline

Martial Arts for the Working Professional

Curious about kickboxing but intimidated by the idea of a "fight gym?" That's where we come in.

Our kickboxing program is a mix of different martial arts. Based primarily in karate, muay thai, and self-defense, we equip our students with the most well-rounded training in the neighborhood.

You will learn to punch, kick, and move like a fighter. You will train resistance work, bodyweight training, and target practice on pads and bags. This is a total body workout that you won't find at a gym.

Our mission is to spread the appreciation of martial arts. It's not just for folks looking to get into the ring. EVERYONE should try it, and ANYONE can learn!

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"At 25 years old, I thought I was in shape, but this place takes the meaning of "in shape" to another level... Over my years at Modern Martial Arts, new faces have become friends, instructors have become trustworthy coaches and mentors, a workout has become a skilled art form, and I have achieved more than I ever thought I was capable of."